Dhruv Jagasia is a MBA graduate in Conscious Business and Sustainability from Marlboro College in Vermont. He founded Dharma Eyewear Company, a socially-conscious online eyewear retailer.

As an entrepreneur wearing many different hats, Dhruv utilized his design skills to create beautiful websites, eyeglasses, watches and other design assets for himself and various clients. He also gained valuable experience managing and growing Dharma’s online communities using a cross-channel social media strategy and a mix of relevant original content and content from a curated network of social media influencers.

He is currently writing a book to help professionals thrive using self-awareness. Part guided journal, part assessment, part resource, this book will help high-achievers manage stress and, hopefully, increase joy.

Dhruv is an avid volleyball player, science fiction aficionado, and drummer. He enjoys yoga, travel, and good food.

He is currently based in the Greater New York City area.

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